We all live under the same sky,
but we don’t all have the same horizon.
Konrad Adenauer
Crossinvest Locarno.
A new company, with 30 years of history
Crossinvest Locarno SA, an asset management company affiliated with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Crossinvest SA group with the objective of serving the local and foreign clientele located in Switzerland, in particular the German speaking clientele.

Crossinvest Locarno offers specific skills and in-house services to a standard of excellence. It additionally provides shared and outsourced services, relying on Crossinvest SA's extended organisation and well-established service, which for 30 years has guaranteed the highest quality standards to its clients in compliance with FINMA regulations. Crossinvest Locarno overlooks Piazza Grande, in the heart of Locarno, and its staff consists of 8 professionals.
Specific skills. Impeccable quality
Crossinvest Locarno manages the clients' assets building the strategy best suited to their needs, horizons and understanding of risks. The client can entrust the company with strategy implementation or choose to participate in the investment decision process on an ongoing basis.
Besides asset management, Crossinvest Locarno coordinates and plans the efficient allocation of private and corporate wealth, such as real estate, corporate holdings, bankable assets, insurance policies, art and collectibles.
Crossinvest Locarno carries out the analysis of credit institutions able to provide the best solution for each financing need.
Thanks to the numerous well-established and trusted partnerships, Crossinvest Locarno offers external specialised professional advisory to its clients, in various legal branches as well as in numismatics, art and yacht and boat management.
Crossinvest Locarno shares the asset management activity with Crossinvest and, thanks to its integrated organisation, benefits from Crossinvest’s architecture, achieving organisational excellence.
Other services
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Institutional Asset Management
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Additional services
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